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Welcome to the DC State Data Center Visualization Portal—your one-stop shop to get demographic data on the residents of the District of Columbia.

Districtwide Annual Indicators

Districtwide Annual Indicators

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Annual Population Trends

Find a comprehensive view of the DC's annual population by age, gender, race and ethnicity.

  • Population Total
  • Age Distribution
  • Population Pyramid
  • Trends by Hispanic Origin
  • Trends by Race
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Annual Indicators

Find a comprehensive view of DC's annual population by social, economic and housing statistics characteristics.

  • Foreign-born
  • Median Household Income
  • Poverty Rate
  • Unemployment
  • Education Attainment
  • Housing Units and Households
  • Owner and Renter Occupied
  • Median Housing Value
  • Average Household Size
  • Population with a Disability
  • Public Transportation to Work
  • Households with a Computer
    (only available since 2013)

Ward 5-year Indicators

Ward 5-year Indicators

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Ward Demographic Indicators

Find general demographic statistics on DC residents across all 8 Wards, such as population by age, gender, and race.

  • Population Total
  • Population by Race
  • Population by Age and Gender
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Ward Socio-Economic Indicators

Find general socio-economic statistics covering DC residents in all 8 Wards, such as household income, educational attainment, unemployment, and poverty.

  • Median Household Income
  • Educational Attainment
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Poverty Rate
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Ward Education Indicators

Find education data across all 8 Wards, including educational attainment by gender and race, and earnings by education.

  • Enrollment by Educational Level
  • Enrollment by Level by Type (public or private)
  • Educational Attainment by Level
  • Median Earnings by Educational Attainment
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Ward Income Indicators

Find income data across all 8 Wards, including median, average and per capita income, and income by race and ethnicity.

  • Median Household Income
  • Mean (average) household income
  • Per Capita Household Income
  • Number of Households by Income levels
  • Median Household Income by Race and Ethnicity
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Ward Poverty Indicators

Find poverty data across all 8 Wards, including poverty rates by age, race, ethnicity, household type and educational attainment.

  • Individual Poverty Rates District-wide and by Ward
  • Family Poverty Rates District-wide and by Ward
  • Poverty Rates by Age Group
  • Poverty Rates by Educational Attainment
  • Poverty Rates by Employment Status
  • Poverty Rates by Race and Ethnicity