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Welcome to the DC State Data Center Visualization Portal—your one-stop shop for demographic data on the residents of the District of Columbia. Please select your area of interest by selecting "Data by Topic" in the menu above, or hover over each icon or category below to select your dashboard of interest.

District-wide Annual Indicators

District-Wide Annual Indicators

Icon - District-wide Annual Pop.png

Annual Population Trends

Find a comprehensive view of the DC's annual population by age, gender, race and ethnicity.

  • Population Total
  • Age Distribution
  • Population Pyramid
  • Trends by Hispanic Origin
  • Trends by Race
Icon - District-wide Annual Indicators.png

Annual Indicators

Find a comprehensive view of DC's annual population by social, economic and housing characteristics.

  • Foreign-born
  • Median Household Income
  • Poverty Rate
  • Unemployment
  • Education Attainment
  • Housing Units and Households
  • Owner and Renter Occupied
  • Median Housing Value
  • Average Household Size
  • Population with a Disability
  • Public Transportation to Work
  • Households with a Computer
    (only available since 2013)
Icon - Annual Residential Building Permits

Annual Residential Building Permits

Find a comprehensive view of DC’s annual residential building permits.

  • New Residential Housing Permits
  • Units in Structure and DC’s Total Share of Region

Ward 5-year Indicators

Ward 5-year Indicators

Icon - Demograhic Profile 5-Year.png

Ward Demographic Indicators

Find general demographic statistics on DC residents by Ward, including population by age, gender and race.

  • Population Total
  • Population by Race
  • Population by Age and Gender
Icon - Socio-economic profiles.png

Ward Socio-Economic Indicators

Find general socio-economic data on DC residents by Ward, including household income, educational attainment, unemployment and poverty.

  • Median Household Income
  • Educational Attainment
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Poverty Rate
Icon - Education indicators.png

Ward Education Indicators

Find education data on DC residents by Ward, including educational attainment by gender and race, and earnings by education.

  • Enrollment by Educational Level
  • Enrollment by Level by Type (public or private)
  • Educational Attainment by Level
  • Median Earnings by Educational Attainment
Icon - Income indicators.png

Ward Income Indicators

Find income data on DC residents by Ward, including median, average and per capita income, and income by race and ethnicity.

  • Median Household Income
  • Mean (Average) household income
  • Per Capita Household Income
  • Number of Households by Income levels
  • Median Household Income by Race and Ethnicity
Icon - Poverty indicators.png

Ward Poverty Indicators

Find poverty data on DC residents by Ward, including poverty rates by age, race, ethnicity, household type and educational attainment.

  • Individual Poverty Rates District-wide and by Ward
  • Family Poverty Rates District-wide and by Ward
  • Poverty Rates by Age Group
  • Poverty Rates by Educational Attainment
  • Poverty Rates by Employment Status
  • Poverty Rates by Race and Ethnicity
Icon - Ward Housing Units Indicators

Ward Housing Units Indicators

Find housing data on DC residents by Ward, including housing units trends, occupied and vacant housing units, housing units by year built, housing units by type, median value and median rent.

  • Housing Units
  • Occupied and Vacant Housing Units
  • Housing Units by Year Built
  • Units in Structure (single family and multi family)
  • Median Home Value
  • Median Rent
Icon - Ward Households Indicators

Ward Households Indicators

Find household data on DC residents by Ward, including number of households, average household size, households by type, owner-occupied and renter-occupied units and more.

  • Number of Households
  • Average Household Size
  • Households by Type
  • Households with One or More People Under 18 Years
  • Owner-Occupied vs Renter-Occupied Units
  • One-Person Households
  • Occupied Housing Units by Income Levels
  • Homeownership Rates
Icon - Ward Transportation Indicators

Ward Transportation Indicators

Find transportation data on DC residents, including means of transportation to work, time leaving home to work and more.

  • Means of Transportation to Work
  • Time Leaving Home to Work
  • Mean Travel Time to Work
  • Vehicles Available
Icon - Ward Computers and Internet Indicators

Ward Computers and Internet Indicators

Find computer and internet data on DC residents, including internet subscriptions, internet by income, computer type and more.

  • Internet Subscription Rates
  • Internet Subscription Rates by Income
  • Types of Computers in Household
  • Presence of Computers in Household by Age
  • Presence of Computers in Household by Educational Attainment